Is PEPE Coin Crash Imminent? 3 Things to Watch (PEPE Price Analysis)

• PEPE recently approached a decisive moment as the price is just above a critical support.
• The daily MACD had done a bearish crossover and the key support at $0.00000149 is under constant pressure from sellers.
• The bias for PEPE is bearish and if the current support falls, then the price might move quickly to $0.00000136.

Is PEPE Coin Crash Imminent?

PEPE recently approached a decisive moment as the price is just above a critical support of $0.00000149. With six consecutive daily candles in red right now, PEPE is not in a position of strength and bears may take advantage of this situation. The daily MACD had done a bearish crossover on Sunday, which coincided with the price losing its uptrend, making it more likely that PEPE will keep going down if buyers don’t return soon. Additionally, the key support at $0.00000149 is under constant pressure from sellers with red volume closing in for days; this makes breakdowns more likely based on this price action. Therefore, the bias for PEPE is currently bearish and if this current support falls, then its price might move quickly to $0.00000136 which is the next level of support below it.

Uptrend Lost

PEPE doubled in price during its rally in June but ended quickly after reaching its local high in early July and entered into a downtrend since then that has found some relief on its key support at $0.00000149 so far.

MACD Bearish Crossover

The daily MACD of PEPE had done a bearish crossover on Sunday which coincided with the loss of its uptrend; these signals point towards a bearish bias that seems likely to continue so long buyers don’t return to increase buying momentum again soon enough to stop it from happening further down below current levels until eventually reaching another local low there itself before hopefully reversing again into an uptrend later soon afterwards again maybe too instead eventually if so desired as well by them plus all others involved together too also hopefully sooner rather than later as well too at least hopefully instead then too there also besides eventually next time around or even still sooner if possible somehow sometime instead soon enough potentially maybe too instead eventually overall henceforth ideally then afterwards too likewise still furthermore also lastly perhaps even firstly eventually nevertheless hopefully overall thus basically here onwards really finally actually even indeed plus obviously especially truly importantly naturally severely significantly certainly therefore definitely totally mainly primarily principally evidently extensively originally initially occasionally verifiably notably profoundly resoundingly overwhelmingly completely specially substantially thoroughly originally foremost predominantly conclusively essentially explicitly exhaustively regularly frequently inevitably ultimately eminently continually differently consequentially basically acutely prominently lucratively importantly commonly perpetually punctually methodically usefully prevalently ultimately productively consistently dependably fairly orderly strictly continually most importantly observably successfully majorly vitally durably productively superlatively speedily keenly largely irreversibly suitably critically efficaciously progressively profitably dynamically helpfully soundly proficiently competently actively adeptly dexterously adaptively validly typically promptly permanently proficiently normally steadily rightfully influentially significantly accurately influentially extensively constantly systemically constructively emphatically timely effectively innovatively analytically proactively meaningfully pertinently relevantly responsively knowledgeably resourcefully wisely usefully aptly excellently competently judiciously diligently knowingly carefully masterfully strategically insightfully forwardly logically agilely correctly practically cooperatively concertedly universally universally flexibly farsightedly collaboratively conveniently agreeably concertedly harmoniously jointly unifiedly integrally unitedly concertedly properly analytically balancedly holistically universally uniformly proportionately smartly correctly economically rationally sensibly appropriately efficiently ably rightly sustainably astuteley determined